Did You Know You Can Create Miracles?


Did you know that you can create miracles? Yes, that’s right. You can create miracles. In fact, our main purpose on this planet is to create miracles. Keep in mind that sometimes a miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception. It’s looking at something where at one point seems absolutely impossible to achieve, then with a shift in the way that you’re thinking, that impossibility suddenly becomes very possible.

All miracles start with a single thought… and idea. Stay with me here and allow me to make my point.

Besides being dead, what do Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright Brothers have in common? All three were inventors. Well, there was a moment in time where the light bulb, the telephone and a flying machine were just seed possibilities in the minds of the inventors.

But the more attention and intention they gave to those thoughts, the more similar thoughts—or “like- thoughts”—came into play. And the more like-thoughts that came in to play, the stronger their vibration to the Law of Attraction was, and so on and so on.

Eventually, those small insignificant thoughts multiplied and evolved into powerful beliefs. And those beliefs eventually led to taking action, which played out into their experience and the Universal Law delivered wonderful circumstances, conditions and people to work in their favor, and their desires began to manifest.

Were they confronted with challenges and doubts along the way? Absolutely! But they kept forging ahead. Until one day, behold, on all three accounts, a miracle took place. What once seemed impossible, even ridiculed and laughed at by the great majority, became a miraculous happening for all to witness and praise. And all three, like all other inventions, discoveries, works of art, business endeavors and dreams that come true, theirs started with one simple thought—a simple shift in perception. A seed possibility. That, my friend, is how miracles happen.

Here’s my point. Thoughts are the first step for all things to be. If you believe it hard enough and work hard enough, it will become reality.

Not only does the above statement rhyme, but it is also a fact. Our greatest gift is the power of thought. And I don’t mean just the ability to decide between a salad and a sandwich for lunch. I’m talking about the ability to change your environment with your mind! It is the foundation of free will. Thoughts are pure energy that can take you to the highest of highs, or the lowest of lows.

Each and every one of us has the power to shift our way of thinking to transform our lives from failure to success, from unhappiness to fulfillment and from lack to abundance. You didn’t think you were that powerful, did you? Well, you are! We all are! It’s just that most of us don’t know it. People are more in control of their lives than they think.


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