5 Fundamental ways to Remain Happy Forever


Everybody wants to be happy.And, while each person might have an individualized definition of just what each of those things means to them specifically, the overall desire to lead a life that’s free of stress, worry, anxiety and fear, while being replete with happiness is constant.But, surely there is a pathway to happiness. Though it may seem very easy, finding the key to happiness can be one of life’s most difficult and elusive tasks; yet it is possible.

We need to be happy with what already is, what we have right now, and what our circumstances are in the present moment. We need to find happiness within ourselves.
Happiness is not something that comes to you. It is something you create now, today. It is not what happens to you that counts. It is how you react to what happens to you. It is your attitude. When you adopt a positive attitude, life becomes a rewarding adventure instead of something to get through. Adopts these 5 ways in your lifestyle and see the difference in your attitude towards life.

1. Be thankful for what you have
You may believe that your health, your family or your work are realities that will be there forever, and that’s why you don’t grant them an important value in your life. You take for granted that they’re a part of your assets and forget that in one breath you can lose any of them.It’s very true that daily we forget to be grateful for all of those daily miracles that seem “normal” to us. Unfortunately, we notice their immense value only when they’re no longer there and we realize just how important they were.

2. Live in the moment
Very often when we are with an aging loved one, we are thinking about what we want to say next or about what we need to get to done during the rest of the day, instead of listening to them fully. Instead, focus on them to increase the quality of the time you spend together.

3. Forgiveness
Forgiveness comes in many forms. By that I mean we must find it in ourselves to forgive others and forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is not something we give to others, we give it to ourselves. Holding onto negative emotions and pain does not allow us to move forward. It doesn’t allow us to be HAPPY. True forgiveness is not just in the words “I forgive you,” it is in letting go, and allowing the past remain in the past.

4. Manage Time Effectively
One habit that will influence both your happiness and your overall success in life, is the ability to manage time effectively. Effective time managers have a handle on their obligations in life, and know just how to juggle things in order to get ahead. They focus on their long-term goals and prioritize the activities that will help move them forward instead of leaving them behind.
When we don’t effectively manage our time, we increase our likelihood for stress, anxiety, fear, and worry.

5. Never Stop Learning
What new thing did you learn today? It could be anything. The main thing is to use it, not file it away. Perhaps you could learn how to say ‘Hello’ or ‘Good morning’ in other languages… then greet your friends and family in a different way each day. It’s fun, it takes only a minute of research, it starts conversations and, most importantly, it gives you a small sense of accomplishment.

Learning new skills, however minor or trivial, creates new connections in your brain. It contributes to moving you up that happiness scale. The more you learn, the more you enjoy it and the happier you feel.


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