How to get the Perfect Work-Life Balance


We live in busy times. Our sales targets keep increasing. Our schedules are consistently packed, and all of us are looking for that perfect work-life balance because we understand its relevance to our effectiveness and efficiency at work.“Work-life balance” is one of the most overused terms in the corporate world. Corporate leaders speak about the importance of having the perfect work-life balance to their employees, but, what many don’t understand or acknowledge is the real meaning of it.

Define what Work/Life Balance means to you First

My work/life balance is different than many others at my company; we all have different priorities. Evaluating what means the most to you personally before the interview process begins will help you weed out companies that don’t meet your needs.Remember, your goals and priorities shift as you grow. What is important to you at the age of 28 may not be the same to you as when you are 38.

Make sure you like your Job

If you hate what you do, you aren’t going to be happy, plain and simple. You don’t need to love every aspect of your job, but it needs to be exciting enough that you don’t dread getting out of bed every single morning.If your job is draining you and you are finding it difficult to do the things you love outside of work, something is wrong. You may be working in a toxic environment, for a toxic person, or doing a job that you truly don’t love. If this is the case, it is time to find a new job.

Never Neglect your Health

Health and your investment into it are like one of those miraculous age-old truths that we all grew up with. Being healthy is about what you eat, how much you sleep, your workout, your support system, and mental mind-set.This wellness formula I promise you is the true ‘Eureka’ that will help you achieve that perfect healthy work-life balance. And ultimately don’t forget, that while there is no getting out of this one, the person who benefits the most from this is YOU!

Be Among Constructive People

Take a minute to assess your surroundings; what’s happening at work, at home, and around friends and relatives?Just observe what people have to say about a particular scenario or about other people. If you feel there is a lot of negativity around you when you are with a person, you will be better off without them.If you are surrounded by people who have a sense of optimism and share a constructive thought with you, you tend to think in a similar way. This will produce a positive feeling, and you will be geared toward achieving more by allocating more of your time in the right direction.But you need to shy away from a person who is always sarcastic about your work and whose thoughts and comments do not allow you to improve yourself.

Say ‘No’ to your Employer

You need to draw boundaries between your work and home life. Make it clear to your employer that time off is essential. Norms for late-night emails slowly emerge and then are difficult to change when institutionalised. It is possible to come across as a hard-working employee without responding to emails out of hours or working over-time. Understand the line between enjoying work and wanting to be a responsible employee on the one hand, and being taken advantage of on the other. It’s important to set boundaries. Keep things positive and keen, but make it clear that you’re not available outside of working hours.

Get Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you need an assistant to help you return mails and take calls, get one. Ask your co-workers, friends or even family for help with a task if you need it. Don’t be a lone striker; we all need midfielders to win in the game

Redefine Your Version of Success

For many people, success is having a handsome pay cheque, the car of your choice and that beautiful house. Most people define success in terms of materialism. Consider looking at the other side. What are you sacrificing when you are achieving your dreams? Quality time with your spouse and kids? The ability to smile genuinely?Redefine what success means to you. When you look back at life, what is it that you want to see? Work for that. Try to find happiness in simpler things. This will help you to find the right balance between work and life, helping you lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

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